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One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest 1975 (Eng) DVDScr (Dual Audio) Torrent Download

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (1975)

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One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest torrent

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Year: 1975
Genre: Drama
Director: Milos Forman
Starring: Michael Berryman, Peter Brocco, Louise Fletcher

Upon admission to a mental institution, a brash rebel rallies the patients to take repressive head nurse, a woman she looked like a dictator of more than nurses.
I went into this film with the knowledge that it was the second film in history to win all five major Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Screenplay), and was praised as one of the best roles of Jack Nicholson and one of the classics of the 70s. Of course, after hearing this, I had high hopes for the flight to the Cuckoo's Nest. But still, I was surprised by the ease with which the film exceeded my expectations and easily allowed me to understand how someone who has earned praise.Based Ken Kesey's novel, the story is Randle Patrick McMurphy (Jack Nicholson), which is trying to get out to spend more time in jail, asks dementia his crime, and so was sentenced to time in a psychiatric hospital. It was McMurphys intentions, he believes that the conditions in the House of Fools will be much easier to deal with another hard time in prison. However, he soon discovers that the survival of the institution with the patients killed (including Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito, Vincent Schiavello and absolutely brilliant Brad Dourif as the stuttering Billy Bibbit) and the monstrously repressive Nurse Ratchet (Louise Fletcher, a career defining role) is much more difficult than anticipated. McMurphy has jokes, games, and, as a rule, complex rules agencies in an attempt to lighten the mood. His constant optimism and reckless challenge to date standards institution can be very uplifting, and often very funny too, but most of the film can be very upsetting - usually dilapidated state agencies, N is a sequence (and intentionally) dark background miraculous story , which has a bitter ending.Jack Nicholson at his best here, a cut above the other great performances such as Chinatown or as good as it gets. McMurphy is an upbeat, seemingly insatiable, refusing to give in to the spirit defeated all the other patients. His antics Livewire, inspiring patients, usually uplifting, and when her indomitable spirit finally broken, you really feel for him and his fellow patients. Nicholson conveys the essence of McMurphy to perfection, showing his fine understanding of the nature of interpretation. If McMurphy announces it will lift a huge stone fountain and throw it out the window to escape, the other patients are so involved in their intoxicating spirit of freedom, who sincerely believe you can do it, despite the fact that it would be not a man much stronger than him. If McMurphy finally learns that, despite your best efforts, can not lift springs, is so openly crushed that we can not help but feel for him. Under the common words and Livewire antics have real human emotions that make the experience truly touching.What say about flying over the cuckoo's nest that has not already been said? It has an excellent storyline, top notch performance, visual painfully boring, perfectly set the tone for the film, and their alternates between being really uplifting to devastatingly depressing. This is perhaps the most memorable movie ending ever, next to a man in his riding to sunset, and leaves the viewer depressed mixed feelings, not knowing what to think of the image with its glorious Treat yourself entirety. It's hard to get a better result than this.-10/10

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