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Savages 2012 English.BDRip.[XViD] Torrent Download

Savages (2012)

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Savages torrent

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Year: 2012
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Pot producers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who stole their total dashurëne.
It was a good movie. This could be a great film, but it was a let down in two major ways. First off, two of the three main characters, terrible. Blake Lively is a good eye-candy, but it's just not a good actress. Shes not bad in a small supporting role (for example, the proportion of the city), but he just can not produce. Unfortunately, the whole movie is brought front and center of its shortcomings is that it (and the tradition) revolves around. Every time his voice came on, I cringed. This really is not a good choice. Taylor Kitsch is not so good. Again ... Good eye-candy, which is a bad move. Action is very bad. He just does not have the spirit and brings something of his character. He is Vin Diesel, Oliver Stone, Fast & Furious film drama must be stupid to play against. This film is more serious, and it is a great mistake story structure. We are, indeed, the three protagonists (Chon, Ben and Ophelia) such strong feelings for each other will never be able to understand why. This, he said, was the real reason, but I never have. The whole premise of the film literally hangs in their relationship, because it is very important. They should care about the characters, what a wonderful story about an unusual three-way relationship, you're going to build, you have a better relationship in a very early stage and to explain exactly how was, otherwise your audience will not know. Actors portray the characters arent very good, especially startup. I double-crossing each other, the two men have never thought of what they do is absolutely zero jealousy and a girl, and asked myself why I shared that, you know, and why it is one of the three of them , n such a deep care - the point, he wants to keep the risk of his life and committed terrible atrocities. Where did all the love and loyalty? Adequately explain this a little more positive in the whole movie, veteran actors did a good job itOn never suffered much. Benicio Del Toro was perfect as the psychotic Underboss cartel, Salma Hayek, John Travolta and his role as chew bits of scenery was absolutely convincing. Unfortunately, the powers only served to highlight the potential incompetence. He is the best scene in the whole movie to find anywhere in one of the three leading actors of the film Del Toro and Travolta were among the promises and wasting hinted he says. A lot of comments on the issue of violence depicted in the film, but I did not have any problems. You really, violence, Mexican drug cartels can not do without the film, I was in charge of that, do not feel. Unfortunately, it did not perspectiveOverall area of ​​the film more convincing, just did not think it was a very good movie. I am trying to be Tarantino Stone of times, but failed miserably, I agree with what I feel here that does not exist. And also, this film was in the hands of Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez probably would have come out a lot better than most, I think.

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