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Big Daddy 1999 (English) [DVDR] (x264) Torrent Download

Big Daddy (1999)

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Year: 1999
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Dennis Dugan
Starring: Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams, Jon Stewart

A lazy law school degree adopts a kid to impress his girlfriend, but everything does not go as planned, and it is unlikely foster father.
It's hard to not like Big Daddy, even diehard fans of Adam Sandler can also cringe at this step in the sentimentalització comedian. Because, although this film has angered some worrywarts too sensitive for his apparent approval of free parents, my film is actually very gentle s hard edges. This actually seems to Sandler's command might be wise to go now, because as an actor, it delivers the appropriate aura of pure sympathy with the average Joe. Big Daddy can be a better film if it has come so easily to sentimentality and predictable emotional lift, but Sandler deadpan portrait of mature adults forced to grow in a fully responsible parenthood means that the film depicts quite enjoyable.Sandler 30, at Manhattan south of lost lives, milking a small foot injury at the rate of $ 200,000 for judicial resolution and life, therefore, consists of small jobs, lack of direction and girlfriends who are ready to move to an old man with a 5-year plan. When a child suddenly shows the door (children are not known until now friends), Sandler decided to take her under temporary protection in the hope of getting his girlfriend. Thus, a man who almost no help mature adults trying to instill life lessons symmetry minded and willing young, very impressionable. This leads to Sandler teaching children to enjoy predictable, but surprisingly shy behavior, antisocial, and urinating in public buildings, stay late, tripping unsuspecting skaters etc. This film is not always at the top of the creative freshness at this time , but cynical shadow hangs over Lowkey Sandler Sandler provides some humor.As grows to care for him Although the forces against various unavoidable to take the girl, the film deviates toward sentimentality and maudlin tearjerking. One can move at times, but also wit and biting satirical desire that can have bold script provided.The enlightened vision of the film does not show gay (although Hollywood was quite beyond the point where gay characters can do more than just shine one each other), but lose points for tone rather unpleasant for parents. However, any film that is designed to send Dr. Laura cramps psychotherapy should be respected and honored.Overall anger, Big Daddy is a film that, if they are taking a more daring way, it can be firstrate comedy. So, it provides a lot of laughs and tender feeling the heat - and, given that many of today's big screen comedy, all who dare to leave us expect.

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